Our Story

The name Stanbuli is taken from the local lingo of Istanbul’s streets. Stanbuli is an affectionate term for an Istanbul Local and is an exciting Modern Turkish Restaurant from Chef and Owner Ibrahim Kasif. Istanbul is the epicenter of Turkish Cuisine, an evolving contemporary melting pot of flavours from all regions, channeling nostalgic historical food tales from the Ottoman era and modern reinterpretation of all things Turkish.

While travelling to Turkey and northern Cyprus, Ibrahim dreamed of reinterpreting the cuisine of his own cultural heritage. When Stanbuli opened in December 2015 it was about the romance of Meyhanes-the Meze eateries, and now, Stanbuli is on a journey of exploring the delicacies of Home Cooking, Meze and Turkish Grill Houses.

Intrinsic to the experience of Stanbuli is a sense of nostalgia and romance in its food- respectfully reinterpreted and modernised. Stanbuli is a fun, social style of eating and drinking backed with a convivial atmosphere and loud music- definitely not fine dining.

Stanbuli is about delicious Turkish Food, a constantly changing seasonal menu with a focus on Vegetables, Seafood and Offal, as well as meats cooked over wood-fire and Charcoal- all to be enjoyed with Turkish Beer, Turkish Raki or our Beautifully crafted Local and imported Wines.