The Menu


Midye Dolma – $20

Plate of Stuffed Mussels filled with fragrant Rice, Pinenuts and Currants

Ekmek – $8

Turkish Cypriot style Village Bread with Smoked Butter

Kavun ve Peynir – $10

Raki Meze; Seasonal Melon with Sheep’s Milk Feta

Cakistez – $6

Cypriot style Green Olives marinated in Garlic, Coriander seeds and Chilli

Pancar Tursu  – $10

Pickled Beetroot and Mint

Karides Salata – $36

Boiled large Tigers Prawns, peeled and served chilled in a Mustard sauce with  Iceberg Lettuce

Cig Samon – $26

Raw King Salmon Tartare,  crushed fried Eggplant and Avruga Caviar

Karnibahar – $13

Cauliflower in a Saffron Vinaigrette

Gavurdagi Salata – $14

A  piquant salad of fine cut Green Olives with Pistachios, Walnuts, herbs, Spices and Pomegranates

Fasulye – $13

Olive Oil braised Beans with Lemon, Tomato and Dill served Chilled

Patlican Salata – $13

Chopped Smoky Eggplant and roasted Sweet Peppers with Garlic, Herbs, Lemon and Olive Oil

Coban Salata – $14

The Shepherds Salad; Tomatoes, Cucumber, Peppers, Onions and Herbs in lots of lemon juice, Salt and  Extra Virgin Olive oil-cut and dressed to order


Kokorec – $20

Slow-cooked Lamb Sweetbreads over coals, finely Chopped and  finished with spices

Ahtapot – $36

Slow-cooked large Octopus over Wood-fire, Tarama and Black Olive Salt

Kofte Ali-Nazikt – $18 each

Hand minced Lamb leg, kneaded and spiced for today’s Kofte skewered and cooked over wood, Zucchini Yoghurt and Pickled Red Cabbage

Iskender  -$48

300g Wagyu inside Skirt, bread soaked in Chilli-Tomato Sauce, Garlic Yoghurt and Burnt Butter

Tavuk -$36

Chicken marinated in Paprika and Garlic, Rice Pilav and Chillies

Kuzu Izgara -$36

Plate of thin Mirrool Creek Lamb Forequarter Chops grilled over charoal with Anatolian Spices and Parsley Salad

Balik – $MP

Fish of the Day


Muhallebi – $14

Chilled Rosewater Milk Pudding with Watermelon Granita

Baklava – $14

Chocolate, Peanut and Cashews in Syrupy Pastry with Cinnamon Ice Cream

Tahini Parfait – $16

Tahini Parfait, Vanilla Cream, Helva Chocolate Cake and Chocolate-Coffee Sorbet

Chef's Menu

$65 per person

Available for groups of 2 or more