The Menu


Beyin- $12

Chilled Lamb’s Brain Salad with Horseradish Yoghurt and charcoal grilled Olives


Salad of Beetroot, Green Olives, Pistachios and Tulum Cheese


Finely chopped Salad Of Walnuts, Tomatoes and Chilli with a Pomegranate Vinaigerette

Patlican Salatasi-$14

Smokey Eggplant Salad with Roasted Capsicums and Chilli

Taze Fasulye- $14

Olive Oil, Tomato and Lemon braised Flat Beans with Parsley

Bakla- $14

Fava Bean Pate with Yoghurts, Pickled Okra and Radish

Imam Bayildi- $14

Whole Eggpant Stuffed with Onion, Garlic and Tomatoes, served cold

Karnibahar- $14

Cauliflower in a Perfumed Saffron Sauce

Kisir- $18

Thinly sliced, Sumac Marinated Scallops, Frangrant Bulgur and Pomegranates

Tava- $18

Today’s Fish, floured and lightly fried with Hazelnut Tarator

Midye Dolma- 3 each

Stuffed Mussels;Street Mussels Filled With Fragrant Spiced Rice

Cicek Dolma – 6 each

Fired Zucchini Flowers filled with Cheeses and Spanish, Capsicum and Walnut Sauce

Icli Kofte- 8 each

Bulgur Shell Stuffed with Beef, Walnuts, Chillies and Spices

Cakistez- $7

Cypriot Style Cracked Green Olives marinated with Coriander Seed, Lemon

Kavum ve Peynir- $12

Seasonal Melon with Sheeps Milk Cheese

Pastirma- $16

Air Dired, Cured Beef Spiced with Chilli, Fenugreek and Cumin


Uykuluk- $18

Spiced Lamb Sweetbreads, Marinated Peppers and Onion Salad

Hellim- $20

Plate pf Sheep and Cow Milk Cheese cooked over coals

Ahtapot- $32

Octopus and Tarama

Beyti Kebap- $30

Hand Mined Lamb and Beef Kofte, mixed with Garlic

Iskender- $32

Lamb Neck, soaked Bread, Spicy Roast Tomato Sauce and Yoghurt

Bildircin (2 Quails)- $34

Plate of Marinated Quails

Pizola- $38

Plate of giant Lamb Cutlets


Lahana Salatasi- $12

Marinated Red Cabbage Salad

Coban Salatasi- $12

The Shepards Salad; Tomato, Onion, Radishes and Peppers

Patates Yumurta – $12

Hand Cut Potato, Asparagus and Broken Eye

Biber Yogurt-$8

Hot and Fiery Chilies over charcoal with Yoghurt


Baklava – $14

Hazelnut and pastry soaked in Syrup with Chocolate and Cinnamon Sorbet

Tel Kadayif- $14

Orange Blossom Cream and Shredded Pastry with Apricots and Pistachio

Tahini Parfait – $16

Tahini Helva Parfait with Barely and Pomegranate

Muhallebi – $14

Mastic Milk Pudding with Poached Peaches and Strawberry Granita

Chef's Menu

$68 per person or $74 per person with dessert

Available for groups of 2 or more