Our Story

The name Stanbuli is taken from the local lingo of Istanbul’s streets. Stanbuli is an affectionate term for an Istanbul local and is an exciting Turkish Restaurant from Chef and Owner Ibrahim Kasif.

While travelling to Istanbul and Northern Cyprus Ibrahim dreamed of reinterpreting the cuisine of his own cultural heritage. Years later the dream of his own restaurant took on the form of a style of eatery known as a Meyhane.

Intrinsic to a Meyhane is a sense of nostalgia and romance. Underpinning the Meyhane tradition is a convivial atmosphere characterised by a fun, social style of eating and drinking. Food is always shared – a central tenet of Turkish custom and an underlying feature in hosting guests.

Meze – abundant / colourful and creative / seemingly endless little dishes – invites the diner to commence their evening with cold dishes serving up an array of vegetables, yoghurts, cheeses, fish and offal. Then seamlessly the diner moves to hot dishes, which crescendos into meats cooked over charcoal, all to be enjoyed with beer, wine or perhaps a Raki.